~ Mood Board ~

Your Mood Board is what you’ve been working toward all week. This is where you pull everything together to see what you’ve got. This is also where you tend to the small details that will give depth to your shoot.

While these details might not make it into the shoot itself, they will give you a boost of confidence. This will also give you some consistency to your brand which will come through in your shoot. AND your photographer will be able to help draw out all your superpowers for your shoot!

This can be shared with anyone, web designer, photographer, future husband - so think BIG and don’t be afraid to go outside the box. Don’t censor yourself!

~ Mood Board Creation ~

How to create your Mood Board:


Milanote is an awesome FREE tool to help construct your Mood Board online: https://www.milanote.com

Canva is another AWESOME free app that can help bring your creativity into your mood board: https://www.canva.com/learn/make-a-mood-board/

And that concludes Week 1!

Do you feel more prepared?  

It’s time to celebrate my friend. Congratulate your Artist Archetype before you move into Week 2!

The Eliminated Wastes (2).png