Time to gather your ideas and start building your vision of the shoot. Keep in mind, you’re building your dream shoot. The world is your oyster. You just have to stay focused on the goal.

Start simple and go big.

If you’re a creative rebel like me, constantly building and managing multiple projects -- build more than one board.  Because let’s be honest, you’re a multifaceted person and have a number of amazing archetypes within you!

Create a Pinterest Board


In case you haven’t already played with the magic of Pinterest, check out this tutorial on creating a Pinterest Board.

The goal of your Pinterest Board here is to gather what inspires you. This could be anything! Poses, colors, stock images, location ideas… let your imagination run wild!
Think in terms of how you want the shoot to LOOK & FEEL. What do you want want the images to TRANSMIT?

Intention is key in the overall process of building your shoot.
During this creative building process, leave no detail unpinned!

Check the handy checklist to make sure you’ve got highlights of all things

Focus Your Energy


Are you a health coach in need of some wildly attractive brand images that draw people?

Here is an example board for you:

Click Image To View Pinterest Board

Click Image To View Pinterest Board

Click Image To View Pinterest Board

Click Image To View Pinterest Board


Are you a shamanistic, warrior goddess needing to show the depth of your power?

Here is an example board for you:


This is a Board I built for myself to focus on my Priestess archetype.
Her story is stoked with fire and radiance.
Her color is purple.
Her mission is to guide others to confidently move into their own purpose while remaining in ultimate pleasure.

Click Image To View Pinterest Board

Click Image To View Pinterest Board

Get Specific!

You’ve got your board and let the ideas land together in one happy place.  Now to create clarity.  Once you are satisfied with your collection of imagery, click on your board and go in and edit notes.  Here is how to do that.


How to add notes

Notes to add:

  1. What do you like about each photo? Be specific and clear.

  2. What do you not like about the photo?  If you want to create a super comprehensive board, note the things that don’t work for you as well.  

    Example:  I love her outfit but this pose is awkward and makes me uncomfortable.

  3. If you can’t remember what you liked or didn’t, then delete it.  This board is designed to make your heart sing. Part of the value of waiting until day 2 is to make sure that you are building the sweet spot of your truest desires.  All together in this pretty board! 

Be sure to be as descriptive as possible.  Some images can be confused for color examples when really it's about the pose.  Some images can be a combination of everything that you like all in one photo. (this is what we call “winning!”) 

Your notes are a way to keep you sane and giving you and your photographer a simple to follow roadmap of who you are and what you really want!

Clarity and Purpose

Define you in your brand

What inspires you?

Bringing it all together