~ Outdoor Light ~

Oh yeah! It’s time to go play outside. This is your chance to have some fun in the Sun -WITH the Sun.

The two main things to focus on here are 1) time of day, and 2) where your body and face are in relation to that magical ball of light in the sky.

~ Selfie Challenge: Outdoor Light ~

Step 1:  Go Outside

This is all about having fun in the Sun. Go out and dance in the sunlight as you explore the play between light and shadow.

<fave resources can be found here: …>

Step 2: Grab the Playbook guide

How to take the best selfie: angles, hand position and proximity to your face are important. Remember to breathe - holding your breath is actually quite noticeable in photos!

Download The Playbook Guide

Step 3: Take photo & Review!

Go through your fave photos of the day and pick the best 1 (maybe 2) of each lighting quality. Share your photos and get feedback in the support group. Everyone is pushing the edge of their comfort zones with with you, so you have a safe space to get support and feedback.

Light_ Outdoor.png