The Play Protocol


Your vision continues to expand as your business grows. You know who you are and what you want. You’ve invested in yourself and know the value and need for more visibility and growth.

This course is your one stop in learning all the skills to create the Ultimate BrandStory Playbook, creating your play by play for your photographer so you can be sure that you get exactly the images that you want for your brand. No more questioning yourself or worrying of what you where YOU are in charge of the dream photo shoot experience.  

The goal with the PLAY protocol is to get you to a full body YES in all the ways so that you are confident, radiant and ready to get that professional photoshoot that magnetizes new clients to you with ease. You know with total confidence that you are ready to be photographed and you have everything you need to take your sparkly new images and make your brand attract more ideal clients that keep your calendar full and your bank account happy! And you learned all this in a super fun and enjoyable way.  

The old idea of having to work hard to achieve your dreams is outdated and its time we step into the new paradigm.

This course is designed to give you 4 playful weeks of exploring yourself and your business, all while getting more comfortable with being photographed.

To get the most out of The Play Protocol, do the work! The course is designed to help prepare you for your dream shoot, but ultimately it’s to help you deepen your confidence and increase your connection to a powerful self image. The exercises and tools included here are simple, sweet and fun. By the end you will have full confidence in your absolute readiness and mission to show up fully for yourself and your shoot experience.

Each week is broken down into easy to digest topics that we will be sharing in the facebook group. You should have received your invite but if you haven’t joined, be sure to meet us in the inside circle here: PLAY PROTOCOL FACEBOOK

a look at what to expect…


week 1: Plan


week 2: Light


week 3: Aesthetic


week 4: YES!