The Essence Project is a guided journey of self-exploration and feminine presence.  

A chance to gift yourself the time and freedom to fully enjoy you.  

A chance to explore deeply within a process of passionate self-expression.

The Essence Project was created to help each woman to access her source, reclaim her authentic feminine power and share her authentic radiance. To have this essence captured in a unique and honest portrait as vulnerable and raw as your spirit allows, is a true gift to yourself.  The project is designed with the freedom for each woman to create an experience based on her own desires and intentions and express the core truth of who she truly is.  You have the freedom to be as exposed, vulnerable, and as raw as you want to be, and have that unique "you"ness to be seen in a unique and honest portrait.

It is my belief  that every woman is inherently beautiful in her essence and it is my personal mission to capture that with the love and uniqueness that I see in you.  Within her lies not only great power but the ability to heal herself.  As life and all of its daily struggles pile up, often times we forget this innate ability and disconnect from our true beauty and power.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help each woman share her inner power and wisdom in a beautifully authentic way. To connect each woman to all her inner power, beauty and passion and create the comfort and security to allow her to share it with the world.  The goal for the project is to give each woman the space a chance to fully express her authentic self. The expression of this gift is an authentic portrait, documenting her journey and showcasing all of her beauty.  The purpose and intention is to help women fully own their essence and be able to be authentically seen with all the joy and beauty they bring to the world as the empowered feminine.

The essential values that you may explore through this project will help you uncover or rediscover and have the ability to share your own true passionate radiance, strength and honesty.  What develops within the experience is yours and unique to what you allow for yourself.  The end result is an authentic collection of moments documenting your process and showcasing your true radiant beauty.  The Essence Project is a exploration where each woman has a chance to dive deeper within herself and access the core of her being and be truly seen regardless of her flaws, insecurities or shadows.  The project is designed with freedom for each woman to create an experience based on her own desires and intentions.