The Essence Project is a guided journey of self-exploration and feminine presence.  A chance to gift yourself the time and freedom to truly enjoy being in your body and  give yourself permission to be fully expressed and witnessed.

The beauty, the shadow, the tears, the joy.

All is permitted.

A chance to explore your true depth in a passionate self-expression.  

Intimate Photography Experiences

Intimate Photography Experiences

The Essence Project was created to help each woman to access her core, reclaim her feminine power and share her authentic radiance.

This is NOT a boudoir shoot.

This is a photographic experience to connect to your full self. You are a multi-faceting amazing human. To have this essence captured in a unique and honest portrait as vulnerable and raw as your spirit allows, is a true gift to yourself.  The project is designed with the freedom for each woman to create an experience based on her own desires and intentions and express the core truth of who she truly is.  You have the freedom to be as exposed, vulnerable, and as raw as you want to be.

-An opportunity to let go of the little girl that was forced to smile.

-A chance to allow for the depth of your rage to be let loose in comfort and safety while being captured in an artistic and creative light.

It is my belief  that every woman is inherently beautiful and it is my personal mission to capture that with the love and uniqueness that I see in you.

Within her lies not only great power but the ability to heal herself. 

 As life and all of its daily struggles pile up, often times we forget this innate ability and disconnect from our true beauty and power.

Intimate Portraits | A Powerful Photography Experience

Intimate Portraits | A Powerful Photography Experience

Art of Intimacy Photography | Boudoir Photography | Intimate Portraits

Art of Intimacy Photography | Boudoir Photography | Intimate Portraits

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