Work with Me

Like any good photographer, I offer a variety of ways to work together. While the intention and the end result is different, the source is still the same. You and your essence! Personal Branding and Headshots are my jam and they give me the opportunity to put my marketing and communications degree to work! (Yay! Student loan debt wasn’t a huge waste! :)

With the Essence shoots we get to play in a little more vulnerable and explorative way. There are two ways I work with Essence.

-Giving yourself permission to really own your beauty and radiance

-Diving deeper into your shadows, making the scary visible so it removes the fear. Sounds edgy, but we make it super fun.. deep but still pleasurable at the end.

If there’s a part of you who has yet to be seen, this is your chance to let her out!

Bonus: I was a professional model for well over a decade so can help guide your embodiment in to who you’ve been resisting, especially if its the bad-ass boss lady that owns all of her beauty and power!

Super bonus: I spent those years as a model being judged by voices outside of my head about my looks, my figure and my weight. I’ve heard it all. You’re safe with me and I can help bring you back to center when you vear in to self- doubt land. It’s a shitty place to land, especially if you just had your makeup done! :)

Personal Branding

The Brand Story shoot is designed to bring your face to your brand. Potential clients hire you because they like YOU, not because they need what you are selling. While these packages include a collection of awesome headshots, YOU are more then just a headshot. Show new clients your authentic uniqueness and wild expression!


The Essence Project was created to help each woman not only be able to share her beauty and her true essence, but to be fully seen in her perfectly imperfect, radiant being. This is not a boudoir shoot. All elements of your full self are permitted and encouraged to come out and be wildly visible. The sweet, the anger, the broken, she is welcome here and deserves to be witnessed and acknowledged.

Events and Retreats

Event photography can be simple yet meaningful. The images of your events should be seen and felt with the power and intrigue that makes more people want to join you, more people love you and more people want to hire you.