Posing and body awareness can be of tremendous support when it comes to owning your shoot. This is where I get the most questions. This is also where I get the most resistance.  I often hear statements like: “I don’t know what to do with my body.” “I hate the size that I'm at right now.” “I want to wait 6 months to be Ready”

Feeling comfortable in your body is possible no matter what size you are right now. You don’t need to be the perfect size, shape, or any other bodily hang-up that we women face. You are beautiful, and there are many flattering ways to hold your frame, no matter your size.

This is your chance to build intimacy. Find a friend who you love and trust to take pictures of you. Use what you've learned about light and perspective. Be aware of any potential distractions in the background before getting started.

Posing Exercise

Step 1: Get comfy clothes on

The goal with this exercise is to get you in your body. Wear something that will allow you to move and play easily. Dress with intention as what you wear has a direct connection to how you show up. It can be a delicate line between professional and stuffy. What do you want to wear that helps you feel alive in yourself and still look like the leader that your clients will pull out their wallets and say yes!

Step 2: Grab your Playbook guide

There are some great poses in the guide for you to reference and recreate. See what feels comfortable. Find what feels relevant to you and your business. If you are a health coach, having shots of you lounging on the couch with your laptop doesn’t make sense because what you guide clients to do is far more active and engaging.

Take notes of what is relevant for your brand.

Step 3: Get ready to shoot!

Now that you have an idea of what poses work for you, it’s time for action.  Grab your camera phone and a full-length mirror. Or better yet, a friend who you trust to play with.

Remember, this is designed to be fun.

Laughing at yourself is totally expected. I make it a requirement myself. When we take ourselves too seriously it’s easy to get stuck. If you get stuck in your head, consumed by the swirl of “Am I doing it right?” or some related story, you can’t function at your best. This is where I see most clients hold their breath and get lost in resistance. So let go and bend your parts in all the ways they move. Learning to trust your body can lead to major changes in other areas of your life so really give yourself permission to let go with this exercise and PLAY~

How To Play With The Principles Of Posing

Explore the four qualities and elements of posing to capture all the facets of your beauty:

  1. Angles
    Powerful & Dynamic

  2. Motion
    Fluid & Emotional

  3. Parts
    Graceful & Touching

  4. Position
    Grounding & Strong