This is where the fun really starts to come together. We build the frame with all the details that will be included in your ideal shot for your business. Leave no detail behind! You want to be so prepared that fear or forgetting are impossible!

Storytelling Exercise

Step 1: Plan your location(s)

Pick your perfect places. Is it a coffee shop or mountain top?

Choosing your Locations

Each locale for your brand contributes to your story. Are you in a coffee shop, on a mountain top? What are the feelings that you want to convey?

Download this guide to help you fill in the gaps of where you want to be seen:

Step 2: Pick your wardrobe

Have you worked with a professional stylist and had your colors done?  A proper stylist is key in making this part of the process a breeze. Referrals are available.  Just ask!

Rules for Wardrobe:

There are some simple to follow guidelines that I share with all my clients for selecting outfits that wow your audience. If you choose not to work with a pro stylist, here is your go-to resource for planning what to wear. Be prepared with every detail. Less stress, more freedom to express!

Step 3: Remember the details

The finite details that make up each shot that you want to create are just as important as the right facial expressions. They all lead to the same final goal of how you want the audience to feel and who you want to attract. The ultimate goal is

  • Make- up

  • Hair

  • Accesories- jewelry, shoes, etc.

  • Props- ex. laptop,

    Details of your Story