This is where we build the frame with all the details that will be included in your ideal shot for your business. Leave no detail behind! You want to be so prepared that fear or forgetting are impossible!

Posing Exercise

Step 1: Plan your location(s)

Pick your perfect places. Is it a coffee shop or mountain top?

Step 2: Pick your wardrobe

Have you worked with a professional stylist and had your colors done?  A proper stylist is key in making this part of the process a breeze. Referrals are available.  Just ask!

Step 3: Remember the details

  • Make- up

  • Hair

  • Jewelry

  • Shooooes!

How To Play With Posing

Remember to use the elements and qualities of posing to capture all the facets of your beauty:

  1. Angles
    Dynamic & Powerful

  2. Motion
    Fluid & Emotional

  3. Parts
    Graceful & Touching

  4. Position
    Grounding & Strong