This week is all about implementing what you’ve learned and knowing with full confidence that you have everything you need to find your photographer and create the ultimate dream photo shoot!  

It’s go time and these are the final details to ensure that you will get exactly what you need to leave your photoshoot experienced knowing your images will magnetize your ideal clients and your business will continue to exponentially expand!

So when you get to the ultimate YES, what does that mean?  

What To Expect

  1. Expansion - Time is of the essence as your unstoppable personal expansion creates exponential growth in your business. This is where you put dates in the calendar and get all your affairs in order for your shoot.

  2. Budgeting - Determine your ideal budget for your shoot, plan out everything you’ll need, and get ready to use your photos to relaunch your current brand!

  3. Decision - One of the most important factors of the shoot is your relationship with your photographer. Learn how to choose the right fit for you and your growing enterprise.

What You’ll Receive

  1. Timeline - A specific and ideal timeline for your first shoot, PLUS preparation to ensure you’re ready for the next one.

  2. Financial Plan - Full budget of your expected (and desired) next year of photography.

  3. Discernment - Select a carefully vetted photographer to ensure success for your dream shoot; someone to help guide your growth through photography; being building a relationship that allows you to feel known and seen from all directions.

Week 4




Playbook Creation