Artificial Light

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Today you’ll explore how the intensity of light makes a difference on your skin. Diffusion is the best way to modify

The direction of light is similar to indoor lighting, but it is the proximity to the light source that affects your results. Remember, you’ll be much closer to your lamp than you ever will to the Sun.

Selfie Challenge

Find a lamp

This is all about quality of light, choosing your lighting source is vital to this challenge. Here are a few examples of some suitable artificial lighting sources:

<fave resources can be found here: …>

Grab the Playbook guide

How to take the best selfie: angles, hand position and proximity to your face are important. Remember to breathe - holding your breath is actually quite noticeable in photos!

Download The Playbook Guide

Take photo & Review!

Go through your fave photos of the day and pick the best 1 (maybe 2) of each lighting quality. Share your photos and get feedback in the support group. Everyone is pushing the edge of their comfort zones with with you, so you have a safe space to get support and feedback.

How To Play With Light Diffusion

Work with the four qualities of light diffusion:

  1. Harsh

  2. Indirect

  3. Side

  4. Rim

Learning Light

Indoor Light

Artificial Light

Outdoor Light