~ Indoor Light ~

Now that you have a basic knowledge of lighting, it’s time to put it into action…. On your face.

By learning to play with the light and photograph yourself, you’ll get comfortable with two major elements necessary for every photo shoot: the camera and yourself. Getting your picture taken doesn’t need to be a stressful experience; in fact, it can be FUN!

The more practice you get, the better every photo shoot will be. You’ll have the knowledge and experience to create an ideal shoot anytime, anywhere - but you have to practice…

Let the Selfie Challenge begin!

~ Selfie Challenge: Indoor Light ~

Step 1:  Find a window that faces the sun

Start this challenge exploring natural light in the comfort of your own home. All you need a window with good natural light, a cell phone (or camera), a timer, and, of course, yourself. A selfie stick or tripod could be a nice bonus also.

<fave resources can be found here: …>

Step 2: Grab the Playbook guide

How to take the best selfie: angles, hand position and proximity to your face are important. Remember to breathe - holding your breath is actually quite noticeable in photos!

Download The Playbook Guide

Step 3: Take photo & Review!

Go through your fave photos of the day and pick the best 1 (maybe 2) of each lighting quality. Share your photos and get feedback in the support group. Everyone is pushing the edge of their comfort zones with with you, so you have a safe space to get support and feedback.

Light_ Indoor (1).png