Learning Light


Defined in you, Through you and With you...

Light is really one of the most important elements of creating a stand out the photograph. Light determines not only brightness and darkness but also tone, mood and the felt sense of the image. Learning to control and manipulate light correctly in order to get the best results is the photographer's job.

This week you will learn how to feel the light and dance with it so you can be the fullest extent of yourself without the hesitations and insecurities that can show up on a photo shoot.

How would you feel if you had the freedom to create masterful selfies to add to your branding?

Your audience wants to know you and seeing your face brings the most impact and engagement to posts, blogs, where ever you might use your voice online. This week is all about educating you on what makes a good photo and building your relationship to light. As a photographer, the light is as valuable to creating the image as you are. You can’t have a great photo without a great subject and excellent light. Read on to learn about what I define as great light and how to use it to your greatest benefit.

This part of the course is to help you learn more about what light does and how to use it to your best benefit. You can be your own photographer and be the designer of your professional shoot. The more you know, the more prepared you will feel to show up in front of the camera with pride and a knowing that you can’t fail.


The consistent thing in all the types of light we will be playing with is Direction. Each of the types of light will be broken down in to where the light is coming from. First download this helpful list to help you get to know the various types of light.


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This is your resource guide to help you learn how to dance with light. The more you deepen your relationship with your surroundings and the elements that go into making a great photograph, the easier and more relaxed you can be in front of the camera. Feel free to print this out to use as your reference for your selfie challenge!

Learning Light

Indoor Light

Artificial Light

Outdoor Light