Brand Questions


Being that I am an eternally curious person, in order to help prepare you for your branding photoshoot, I always start with a series of questions to get to know you and to help form a clear sense of who you are and your vision.

Clarity is key! Your responses will help further guide the process for your photoshoot. Some of the answers have had benefits in a range of ways. Content for blogs, deeper insight for your messaging, ways to connect to new partners. Let your imagination expand with these.

You’re clear on your vision and how you want to bring it all together visually. These responses can help fill in any missing gaps to ensure that your next photoshoot experience will be ideal!

The Brand Clarity Questions help to further guide you, your photographer in how you want to be seen. Your responses also help your photographer fill in any missing gaps, so they can help put your vision together.  


the ultimate goal is to design your DREAM shoot.

Finding a photographer who can further that mission is key in actualizing the dream! Grab a glass of wine or your favorite beverage and take your time to answer each question fully.


Get Clarity for your Brand

Clarity and Purpose

Define you in your brand

What inspires you?

Bringing it together