Brand Words


“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”.

Jeff Bezos- founder of Amazon.

As I get to know my clients, one of the tools I use is adjectives. How do they describe themselves? How do their ideal clients see them? How do they feel about their work. Your brand words are the markers of where you can go back to if there is ever a doubt.

These words and your relationship with them help provide a sense of clarity in how you relate to and project the essence of your business.

Why do you need brand words?

You want people to be able to clearly describe your business to someone else, so that when the right prospective client comes along their path, they can sell you to them.

Choosing your branding words is a very important step in creating your personal brand. If you are established in your business, this piece should be a breeze! If you’re still building your brand, this may require a bit more effort and perhaps some help from friends or clients.

brand words.jpg

Define your brand


Make a list of words that define the essence of who you are. Overwhelming concept? Download the sheet above to pick a starting off point. Circle all the adjectives that relate to your personality and what you deliver. These can be words that describe how you want to feel or how you want your clients/readers/tribe to feel.

Example:  For me, I want to feel influential and make shoots playful and fun for my clients.  For my people, I want them to feel excited and inspired to be in front of my camera and co-create badass images!


What three branding words define you/your business? 

Need a starting point for your words? Check this list for some of my favorite adjectives.

Here are some questions to think about. Grab a journal and write a free form, short paragraph.

  1. What do you want people to think of when they think of you?

  2. How do you want to be defined and remembered?

    This is building your legacy! Feel free to grab your thesaurus or even urban dictionary and add a little flavor to your words.


Clarity and Purpose

Define you in your brand

What inspires you?

Bringing it all together