~ Brand Words ~

Why are brand words important?

How will brand words effect my work?

3 - 5 Paragraphs total

~ Brand Story Creation ~

Step 1:brainstorm

Make a list of words that excite you. These can be words that describe how you want to feel or how you want your clients/readers/tribe to feel.

Ex:  For me, I want to feel influential and make shoots playful and fun for my clients.  For my tribe, I want them to feel excited and inspired to be in front of my camera and co-create badass images!

Step 2:  Focus

Narrow your list down to words that really speak to you.  These should be the bare bones words that you are super-excited to incorporate into your business now.  Feel free to grab your thesaurus or even urban dictionary and add a little flavor to your words.

Step 3:  Create meaning

go to Pinterest, Flickr’s Creative Commons, your magazine pile or iStock and search out images that encompass the meaning of each word

The Eliminated Wastes (2).png