Week One and we dive in to the planning phase, hashing out all the details and fun of what your dream brand shoot can hold. So starting at the beginning, we dive in to perspective. This is all about gathering ideas to help ease your mind and let your creativity flow. We start with FUN. After all, this is the Play Protocol!

This week, we get to explore the overarching framework of the experience you want to have in creating your brand imagery.


Perspective is the first step in preparing for your shoot. Focusing on perspective will help get you camera ready, deepening your trust in yourself, your overall mission for your business, and the vision of the shoot experience that you want to create.

Remember: Every good shoot begins with inspiration and excitement.

This is where you gather resources, compiling your creative ideas into one cohesive plan. All photographic experiences should be designed to delight you in the process so that the audience can feel your excitement and want to join you for the ride.

What To Expect

  1. Discover what inspires you and why. Communing with your inner artist to clearly define your likes, loves and must have elements

  2. Clarifying your brand words and diving deeper in to how you want to be seen and how your audience wants to feel.

  3. Deepen your understanding of who you are
    and how to speak to your ideal audience

What You’ll Create

  1. Creative Exploration- exploring with resources outside of yourself to deepen the connection to self and

  2. Brand Clarity - clearly defining your direction by asking all the right questions and painting the picture of your desires for the shoot and the experience that you want surrounding it.

  3. Mood Board - your roadmap for your shoot, bringing all your visuals together, full of feelings, ideas and inspiration

Week 1

Clarity and purpose.

Define you in your brand.

What inspires you?

Bringing it all together.